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about us

Forward Psychology️® Consulting is your #1 provider of People-Centred solutions for both Companies and Individuals in Mauritius. We are fully dedicated to addressing people matters at work and outside. Applying psychological principles to various aspects of professional and personal lives can help create a win-win situation for all.

One of the key steps towards improvement is by alleviating damaging effects of many psychological and psychosocial factors such as stress, isolation, learning difficulties, lack of motivation, performance issues, and career bottlenecks. Proper evaluation of personal factors like personality, competency, and teamwork, can easily turn any difficulty into success by revealing the areas that need improvements, thereby paving the way forward.

People-centred approaches adapt to each person from any generation. Instead of a one-size-fits-all method, personalised solutions are proposed to attain the best results. Individual and contextual differences and preferences are always considered during the process. We provide innovative solutions thanks to our experience from the USA, Europe, and Mauritius.

People at the Centre of Everything we do

Mauritius does not have natural resources like metals or oil but has a very talented population. Successful change depends on Human Factors. Investing in People is key to progress and assisting them in moving forward is one of the key activities of Forward Psychology® Consulting.

Who goes to see a psychologist?

Anyone can see a psychologist. A psychologist helps the client make informed choices by increasing their understanding. Thus they can move forward on various personal or professional matters. Seeking help is a sign of a sign of strength, as wanting to progress is a choice.

Why a psychologist and not a friend?

Going to see a psychologist can be more advantageous than seeing either family or friends. A third party will not have any personal judgment and be more objective on most matters. Having an outside look on situations can provide novel solutions for the client to make a better choice.

Our Clients and Services

Our clients include companies, academic institutions, individuals, NGOs, students, groups, organisations of all types. They seek services for individuals and groups like counselling, psychometric testing, training, workshops, coaching, staff development, student concerns, and more.

What issues can the psychologist cover?

The psychologist can assist with anything relating to the person. Understanding one’s thoughts and behaviours aids everything they do. Feeling misunderstood, needing change, career growth, lowered productivity, and relationship issues are some of many areas covered.


Psychological services are provided confidentially. Private information is not divulged to others without any client’s consent, unless there are compelling ethical and/or legal reasons for doing so such as when there is a threat of causing serious harm to self or others.

People (incl. couples, staff, students) counselled
Staff/Students/ Groups Trained and Coached
Radio, Magazine, Newspaper, TV (incl. Live) Contributions


Our services cover a wide range of areas and applications. Professional settings in the workplace, Educational settings in academic institutions, or Personal settings in life, wherever there are people, Forward Psychology® is available.

Personality Questionnaires

Evaluation of the personality to discover its strong points and areas of improvement using leading tools on the market. Being aware of where one is comfortable or at risk allows better preparation for current and future initiatives.

Attitude and Aptitude Assessment

Evaluation of cognitive abilities and competencies can be a reliable method to get an indication of future performance in a job, a project, or future endeavours. The predictive validity of our tools are at the top of the market.

Counselling (Individual, Couple, Group)

Counselling is for resolving inner turmoil with an unbiased and a non-judgmental approach. The resulting clearer thinking allows the person to feel emotionally, psychologically, and physically better.

Group Dynamics/Teamwork Evaluation

Teamwork is the base of many successes. Evaluating how different personalities combine together to give an end result can be fundamental to moving forward and achieving greater progress.

Career Coaching and Orientation

A feeling of stagnation can affect anybody at any point in their career and life. Assessing individual preference and possible opportunities helps clear doubt so that the maximum is focused on forward progress.


A main goal of Coaching/Accompaniment is Growth. It can be used in contexts such as feelings of inadequacy or surmounting a setback. Our tools help explore best avenues of the person's progress into a better version of themselves.

Professional Training (MQA Approved)

Training is offered on various topics using psychology-backed techniques to improve learning. They can be done in individual and group sessions, in workshops, and more.


All topics are accessible to students, professionals, and individuals. Topics marked with indicate possibility of special adaptations and emphasis for youth, students, and job seekers.

Personality & Psychometric Testing
Stress Management
Well-being at Work
Psychosocial Hazards
Bullying and Mobbing
Competency Assessment
Emotional Intelligence
Conflict Management
Cultural Awareness
Generation Integration
Emotions at Work
Assertiveness and Confidence
Self Management
Preparing for a new job/position
Evaluation and Assessment
Work-Life Balance and Integration
Social Networking
Sustainable Progress
Personal Development
And many more

Custom-made trainings and workshops also available.


Meet the team

Forward Psychology® is a team of professionals from different specialities, both in Mauritius and abroad.

Sarvesh Dosooye Consultant Psychologist

Sarvesh Dosooye

Consulting Psychologist
Assessment, Evaluation, and Development Specialist
Founder/Managing Director
Pedro Monteiro Business Psychologist

Pedro Monteiro

Business Psychologist
Learning and Development Specialist
Caroline Fortunski Business Psychologist

Caroline Fortunski

Business Psychologist
Talent Management Consultant and Executive Coach

Corporate clients

  • Engen Petroleum Mauritius
    Engen Petroleum Mauritius
  • Total Mauritius
    Total Mauritius
  • Barclays Bank Mauritius
    Barclays Bank Mauritius
  • Business Mauritius
    Business Mauritius
  • Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment
    Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, and Employment
  • Ministry of Health and Quality of Life
    Ministry of Health and Quality of Life
  • Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd
    Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd
  • Nouvelle Clinique Ferrière
    Nouvelle Clinique Ferrière
  • Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies of Mauritius
    Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies of Mauritius
  • Estrella Mauritius
    Estrella Mauritius
  • Pick and Buy Ltd
    Pick and Buy Ltd
  • IBL Ltd
    IBL Ltd
  • Miss Universe Mauritius
    Miss Universe Mauritius
  • Mauritius Duty Free Paradise Co. Ltd
    Mauritius Duty Free Paradise Co. Ltd
  • Airport of Rodrigues Ltd
    Airport of Rodrigues Ltd
  • Support Services Ltd Support Services Ltd
  • Capgraph Ltd
    Capgraph Ltd
  • Cromatik Ltd
    Cromatik Ltd
  • Thalassemia Society of Mauritius
    Thalassemia Society of Mauritius
  • Diagnos Clinique
    Diagnos Clinique
  • Adecco Mauritius/Proactive HR Solutions Ltd
    Adecco Mauritius/Proactive HR Solutions Ltd
  • ABSA Bank Mauritius
    ABSA Bank Mauritius
  • AAH Upholstery
    AAH Upholstery
  • Phoenix Car Gallery
    Phoenix Car Gallery
  • Civil Service College Mauritius
    Civil Service College Mauritius
  • Chisty Shifa Clinic
    Chisty Shifa Clinic
  • UR Medic Medical Centre
    UR Medic Medical Centre
  • Vivo Energy Mauritius
    Vivo Energy Mauritius
  • ProActive HR Services Ltd
    ProActive HR Services Ltd
  • Ark Atelier Ltd
    Ark Atelier Ltd
  • Transphorm Health & Wellness
    Transphorm Health & Wellness

Individual clients

  • Words are not enough to express my sincere gratitude for the work, effort and patience Sarvesh gave in my therapy. Sarvesh is genuine, intelligent and very professional, and at the same time, compassionate and supportive with a good sense of humour. At a moment when I felt lonely and broken, Sarvesh never gave up on me. He helped me in recognizing myself and various behavioural patterns which had led me to where I was before I met him.

    I have always felt comfortable in relating him whatever was going on and appreciated his continuous support. He is meticulous and came up with various means to make me focus on my goals better

  • I'm a 28 year old career woman who unexpectedly had to face serious personal issues following my marriage. I was at a loss about what to do, I think at first I just wanted somebody to listen to all my rantings. When I started counselling sessions, I was able to cope better with my feelings and come to terms with things.I would recommend counselling to anybody facing troubles in life because it may not heal you completely in some cases but it surely guides you and you will emerge more confident and happier at the end.

  • My son is 12 years old and had troubles at school with his behaviour. It was difficult for us at home because he did not listen to us. When I called Dr. Sarvesh he gave me a quick appointment and my son was at ease with him. He was a very nice man. There were good changes in him and my son is a good boy now. There are no troubles at school anymore.

  • When I decided to follow therapy it was mostly for the constant anxiety I felt in my social life. Sessions with Mr Sarvesh made me go through lots of self reflection and I realised that many of the problems I was facing was linked to my limited perception of things and situations. This was also affecting many areas of my life like my relationships with others or even taking decisions concerning my career. Through sessions with Mr Sarvesh I was able to overcome limiting beliefs I had about myself, and realise things I never thought I would be able to. So, thank you.

  • Thank you Sarvesh for your assistance when I was trying to work out a conundrum. It was stressing me out and I could not think of the right approach to tackle it. It was difficult to see the wood for the trees. During our conversation, you facilitated my thought process and gave me the perspective I needed to come to the right decision and find a way forward. I would highly recommend your services to friends and family as I know they would be in good hands. All the best.

  • Visiting a psychologist is still taboo in Mauritius but I am happy I took a first step to visit Sarvesh, to whom I express my sincere gratitude for the transformations that happen in my life. When my relationship was deteriorating and was on the verge of getting divorce, at first, I was a bit reluctant in visiting a psychologist (due to the mindset of people around me).

    The first visit itself was fruitful and I was comfortable. With different sessions, I have learnt to be stronger, independent, to have my own pleasure and happiness and most importantly my relationship with my husband improved and we are happy again as a couple. Also, Sarvesh made sure that I didn't get dependent on counselling which is essential in this challenge.

    “Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us” But this can be achieved with the proper guidance, which I obtained from Sarvesh.